Rila Therapeutics, established with technology pioneered by Drs. John He and Kyung Lee at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, is a clinical-stage company dedicated to advancing innovative treatments for fibrosis. Our primary focus is on developing safe and efficacious anti-fibrotic therapies. Leading our efforts is a groundbreaking small molecule allosteric inhibitor designed to target HIPK2 in kidney fibrosis. This program has entered phase 1 clinical trials as of May 2024. The prevalence of renal fibrosis presents a significant, unmet medical need, as it underpins the progression of chronic kidney disease towards end-stage renal failure.

Leadership Team

John Cijiang
John Cijiang He, MD, PhD
Michael Hui
Michael Hui
Founder and Chairman
Kyung Lee
Kyung Lee, PhD
Robert Drakas
Robert Drakas, PhD
Rila Therapeutics is advancing first in class programs targeting signaling pathways playing a critical role in fibrosis.
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